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Flagler County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Crime Numbers

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) provides annual crime statistics for Flagler County. In 2018, Flagler County had a total of 229 violent crimes, including 3 murders, 29 rape cases, and 197 aggravated assaults. There also were 12 robberies, 203 burglaries, 1,145 larcenies, and 73 motor vehicle thefts in the county. In 2018, the crime rate percentage also dropped by 21.9%, from 2017.

Between 2014 and 2018, there were increases in rape cases (123%), aggravated assaults (13.2%), and motor vehicle thefts (12.3%) in the county. Reported cases of robberies (-58.6%), burglaries (-29%) and larcenies (-6.2%) all decreased. There were no murders in 2014.

Criminal Records

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Division of Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) provides public access to criminal history record checks in the state. However, the FDLE does not provide access to sealed or expunged information. Also, juvenile criminal history is not available unless the minor was booked for an offense that would be a felony if they were an adult.

The FDLE offers three options for obtaining these records. They include instant search, certified/non-certified search, and ORI search.

The instant search method is a self-service application that allows online access to the state’s Computerized Criminal History (CCH). This method requires a credit or debit card, and an email address. Fill the information form to begin the process. Records are instantly displayed after the search and payment, and can be printed immediately or received as an email. The FDLE will not send results via regular mail. Each record costs $25 and includes a $1 card processing fee. Instant search results are not certified copies and cannot serve official purposes.

The second method requires a requester to provide demographic information about the subject(s) named on the records desired. The requester does not conduct the search directly. Instead, the FDLE performs the search and sends the results, using the information provided. Begin a search by providing a mailing address where the FDLE will send the record(s) at the end of the search. This method allows a requester to provide an additional mailing address where a second copy may be sent at no extra charge. After providing the required details, indicate whether or not the results should be certified. Allow 6 - 7 business days to process certified records, and 5 business days for non-certified records. Make payment via a debit or credit card. Each record costs $24. Requesters may have records translated to Spanish.

An ORI (Originating Agency Identifier) is a nine-character identifier used to access records on behalf of an agency. To use this method, enter the ORI for the agency requesting the record, on the ORI Search page. The agency is responsible for providing the ORI. The cost of this method varies, depending on the agency.

The Records Unit of the Flagler County Sheriff's Office provides public access to incident reports. If the report is more than 7 pages, a requester will pay the cost of copying the request, plus 15 cents per page. Certified copies cost $1 per page. The county Sheriff’s Office also provides 911 dispatch audio recordings. If the audio requested is 30 minutes or more, the Sheriff's Office will charge the cost of copying the audio. The audio can also be sent by mail, at $1 per CD, plus a postage fee. Request an incident report by contacting the Records Division by phone, email, or visiting in person. The Records Unit will attend to requests on weekdays, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Listed below are the address and contact information of the Record Unit:

First Floor
Government Services Building
1769 E Moody Blvd, Bldg2
Bunnell, FL 32110
Phone: (386) 437-4116
Email: publicrecordsrequest@flaglersherriff.com

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement maintains a database of the state’s sex offenders, as reported by the state’s individual law enforcement agencies. Members of the public may use the Sexual Offenders and Predators Search to find records in the database. Select Flagler from the County drop-down menu to find sex offenders and predators in the county. Other options available to restrict the search include First Name, Last Name, City of Residence, and Zip Code.

The only jail in the county is the Flagler County Detention Facility. The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office runs the detention facility and maintains a database of all inmates. Use the Flagler County Sheriff Inmate Search to find records of inmates. The service also allows a search for offenders that are no longer in custody. Below are the contact details for the facility:

1002 Justice Lane
Bunnell, FL 32110
(386) 437-4116

The Sheriff’s Office allows inmates to receive funds through different methods. Friends and families of inmates can visit the Lobby Kiosk at the facility’s Visitation Center to send money. The Lobby Kiosk accepts funds in cash or via credit/debit cards. Cash payments are restricted to $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills. Visit the Kiosk on a weekday, between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Below are the contact details for the Visitation Center:

1001 Justice Lane
Bunnell, FL 32110
(386) 586-4871

Inmates may receive funds via mail. However, only a money order is acceptable. The money order must bear the sender’s name, the inmate’s name, and a return address. It must also be sent in an envelope carrying the sender’s name and the return address. The money order should include the inmate’s name and should be made out to the Flagler County Inmate Trust Fund. Mail the envelope to:

Inmate Name
Flagler County Detention Facility
1002 Justice Lane
Bunnell, FL 32110

Family and friends may also send funds to an inmate by calling (866) 345-1884. This method requires a credit or debit card. Only MasterCard and VISA are allowed.

Funds may also be sent via a walk-in-retailer. Register for a barcode and take it to a walk-in-retailer. Authorised retailers include Dollar General, Kum & Go, Family Dollar, CVS, and 7-Eleven.

Court Records

The Flagler County Clerk allows public access to court records. This however excludes confidential records. Limited details are available online via a Case Search, using the person’s name, the case number, or citation number. The Clerk’s Office allows access to additional documents after completing and submitting a Registration Agreement. Send the completed agreement by email to the Clerk’s Office.

Flagler County has one court. The address and contact information are as follows:

Kim C. Hammond Justice Center
1769 E Moody Blvd, Bldg 1
Bunnell, FL 32110
(386) 313-4400

Property records are in the custody of the Clerk’s Office Recording Division. Property records include deeds, leases, bills of sale, mortgage agreements etc. The office entertains requests on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Records Division also has public computers to conduct searches. To access these records, visit the Records Division at:

First Floor
Kim C. Hammond Justice Center
1769 E. Moody Blvd, Bldg 1
Bunnell, FL 32110

Search requests cost $2 per name for each year. Certified copies cost $2 per document, and $1 per page. Non-certified copies cost $1 per page.

Conducting a search is subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.

Vital Records

To access a divorce record, visit the Family Law Division on a weekday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact details are as follows:

Second floor
Kim C. Hammond Justice Center
1769 E. Moody Blvd, Bldg1
Bunnell, FL 32110
(386) 313-4491

Alternatively, submit a contact form.

Marriage, birth, and death certificates are recorded by the Clerk of Circuit Court and are accessible through the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics. Order Online with a credit or debit card. Each record costs $22. An extra $4 is applicable for a computer-generated certification. To search a record from an unknown year, an additional $2 is applicable for each year.

Birth and death certificates are available at the Florida Department of Health in Flagler County. To order a birth certificate, complete an Application for a Birth Record Form. The first copy costs $15. Additional copies cost $7 each if ordered together with the first copy. Birth certificates are only accessible by the person named on the record if at least 18 years old, a legal representative, parent or guardian. Enclose the completed form with a government-issued ID and mail the request to the Flagler County Office of Vital Statistics.

Death certificates are only available for deaths from 2009 to the present. Non-certified copies are accessible by the public and do not contain the cause of death. Certified copies that show the cause of death can only be accessed by the deceased’s child or grandchild if of legal age, the deceased’s spouse, parent, sibling, or any person with documentation such as a will or insurance policy. The cause of death becomes accessible to the public 50 years from the day of death.

To order a death certificate, complete the Application for a Florida Death Record. Enclose the completed form with a government-issued ID to the Flagler County Office of Vital Statistics. Each copy costs $10. Make payment with a check, cash, MasterCard. or Visa.

Mail a request for a vital record sent to:

Office of Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 847
Bunnell, FL 32110