Florida Address Lookup

The Florida Department of Revenue maintains a statewide address and jurisdiction database with over 10 million single addresses for the over 400 incorporated municipalities and 67 counties in Florida. The official address lookup site in Florida is the point match website that was originally used to find out the tax rate address in any county. These days, it can also be used to get information about any location within state limits.

Address lookups are especially important because they can provide detailed information about a person or business. This is especially useful when trying to figure out how to find someone’s address, verifying addresses, or confirming the authenticity of an individual or establishment.

The process of checking the accuracy of location data is known as address lookup. It is otherwise known as address verification or validation. Interested members of the public may confirm a street name, city, state, and the ZIP code of a location via address lookups.

Various address lookup tools are either maintained privately or by government bodies, available to the public and made available as public records by Florida state law. An address lookup can be found online using a basic search and may be paid or accessible to the user.

What is a Florida Reverse Address Lookup?

In Florida, a reverse address search is a popular way of finding addresses on the internet. Initially, reverse address searches were done manually on files stored in offices or business places. Today information is taken from data points, including service records, county records, white page listings, and property ownership data, and served to individuals.

There are a plethora of reverse address search engine tools that can be used by typing in the street address into a search bar.

What Information is Contained in a Reverse Address Lookup?

The following are information that is typically contained in a reverse address lookup:

Ownership data: With a reverse address lookup, anyone can learn more about the titleholder or individuals residing at a property, including their first and last names, identities, age, and – when available – even additional facts like family and associates, qualifications, profession, holdings, credentials, and more.

Property details: Requesters can check how much a property is worth, area code, zoning, prior sale record, property information, size, utilities, legal description, deeds, property usage, tax data, financing information, and more through an address lookup. Address lookups also reveal if the present occupants are listed at a given address and if they own the property.

Contact information: The personal information of a property owner is also usually included in an address lookup. This may include their phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles, or even previous addresses.

Public information: This includes criminal records associated with the building, legal records involving the building

Past owner's information: This includes the list of owners who lives at this address, contact details, and basic background information on the past owners

Neighborhood information: Many address lookup services additionally include information about a neighborhood, such as a Name, residence, age, and criminal history of a neighbor, Registered sex offenders in the area, a Map of the neighborhood, and Houses in the neighborhood's market value.

Can I Lookup Someone's Address in Florida

Yes. According to Florida public records law, addresses are considered public information. This means that interested persons can request someone's address from the state government if they have a legitimate reason. However, depending on the nature of the information being sought and whether or not the information has been restricted by court order, there may be limits to the accessibility of this information

There are several ways to look up someone’s address in Florida. The most popular options are through the Florida Department of State or searching third-party online databases. However, it is essential to note that not all addresses will be available publicly. For example, if an individual has chosen to have their address exempt from public records, it will not be possible to look up their address in Florida.

How to Lookup a Person's Address History in Florida

Interested members of the public may look up an individual's address history in Florida through the Florida Department of Revenue website, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, third-party sites, or the Florida Department of Corrections website (if the individual is incarcerated).

In each case, the requesting party will be required to provide the information to facilitate the search. This includes the record owner's name, date of birth, and relevant personal data.

For requests made through the Department of Corrections website, requestors can search for an inmate by their name, date of birth, or DOC ID number. Upon finding the individual of interest, they can click on their name to see their address history.

Alternatively, interested persons may query the county clerk's office in the jurisdiction where the record owner is resident. The county clerk's office should be able to provide you with a list of the person's previous addresses.

How to Lookup an Address By Name in Florida

Searching for an individual's address by name is the most common way to collate information about a particular location. Almost all Florida lookup search tools have a "search by name" option on their website. The requesting party must be armed with both the first and last name of the person to be searched to ensure the search is narrowed and avoid errors depending on the lookup tool used.

Requestors may be able to lookup an address through the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations. They have a searchable database of all businesses registered in the state. The requesting party can enter the name of the business, and the results will include the address and contact information of the company being sought.

For the specific individual's address, the requesting party can try searching the Florida state website. Go to the 'People' search page and enter the individual's name. If they have a public record, their address should be listed. They can also try searching the state's official white pages and online directories.

To search for an address from a third-party site, the requesting party must provide the name and personal information of the property owner. The website will search its database and try to match the inputted information with data stored in public records. If a matching record is found, the site will return results that include the property address and other identifying information. However, most third-party services will charge a nominal fee for this service.

Can I Look Up an Address by Postal Code in Florida?

Yes, you can look up an address by postal code in Florida. The Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations offers an online search tool that lets requestors search for corporations by ZIP code. Enter the ZIP code in the "Location" field and click "Search". The results will include the corporation's name, address, and filing date.

Alternatively, interested persons can search for corporations by city and county. To do this, enter the city and county in the "Location" field and click "Search". The results will include the corporation's name, address, and filing date.

Requestors can also lookup an address by postal code using the USPS website. Enter the ZIP code in the "Find a Zip Code" search tool and click "Search". The results will include the city, state, and county associated with that ZIP code.

Can I Lookup a Florida Address by License Plate?

Yes, eligible persons can look up a Florida address by license plate number. The requesting party can access this information through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) website.

To look up an address by license plate number, requestors will need to provide the following information:

  • The license plate number
  • The state in which the vehicle is registered
  • The make of the vehicle
  • The model of the vehicle
  • The year the vehicle was manufactured
  • The color of the vehicle

They will also be required to pay a $2.00 fee for each search. After submitting the request, DHSMV will provide the requesting party with the name and address of the vehicle's registered owner.

However, the only persons eligible to access personal information using the license plate are:

  • Law enforcement officers and officials.
  • Members of the court system.
  • Licensed private investigators.

Notwithstanding, if the requestor has a legitimate cause to request license plate number information, they can contact DHSMV directly at (850) 617-2000 or email at customerservice@flhsmv.gov.

Florida Residential Address Lookup

Counties in Florida like Miami-Dade have a unique address search software like a master address repository system (MARS) that can search for addresses by address, street number, street name, street type, or any valid parameter.

Typically residential address lookups will furnish requestors with details of the address, including the house, flat, or suite number; street name; town, or city name. The A primary number, street name, city, state, and ZIP Code should all be included in an address lookup. To lookup a residential address, requesting parties may be required to provide information with which the search will be processed; this may include -- the ZIP Code or a combination of a valid city and state is required when submitting an address.

Florida Mailing Address Lookup

The United States Postal Service offers mail address validation and lookup service. The website will generate a list of the nearest Post Offices and information about each Florida Post Office box. To use this feature, the requesting party will be required to provide the information required to facilitate the search. This may include the name and zip code of the person of interest.

Most people use their physical address as a mailing address. So, by looking up a mailing address, requestors may inadvertently be getting their residential addresses as well. Others, however, use a different mailing address that is different from their physical address for either privacy or security purposes. Common examples of mailing addresses are post office boxes, P.O. Boxes, private mailboxes (PMB), unique zip codes, and military addresses.

How to Verify a Street Address in Florida

In Florida, interested persons may verify an address by using the Florida Department of revenue address/jurisdiction database. The database features a free address verification software (also known as an address checker or address validation tool/validator) which can be used to search for an address by a query.

The validator tool is also carried by mail carriers and third-party services. The United States Postal Service, for example, maintains a set of tools that can also be used to verify U.S. addresses.

How to Find Free Address Lookup in Florida

There are so many free lookup tools available on the internet. However, free address lookup tools sometimes differ from paid options in that they can have a limited number of searches or the parameters that can be used to search.

There are several ways to complete a free address lookup. Searchers can type in someone's name and utilize that information to get their home address. This type of search may also return former addresses, which can be helpful if they are looking for someone from the past. They might know where they lived in the past but not where they live currently. Users can narrow their results to the proper individual by using the address lookup feature.

How to Complete a Florida IP Address Lookup

There are numerous tools online that can be used to look up the IP addresses, and most of them are free to use. Inquirers can simply copy and paste the IP addresses into the search bar of any of this lookup software or websites. A quick search will reveal:

  • The device's internet service provider(ISP)
  • Hostname
  • Organization
  • The latitude and longitude of the location
  • Postal code, country code, and metro code
  • Region, country, city, and state.

Address Lookup USPS in Florida

For mailing purposes, the United States Postal Service has a very efficient and comprehensive address lookup tool and database that can be used to verify the address of a mail recipient. The USPS does not release the address database to just anybody or sell address lists. However, the agency offers APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and web forms that allow mailers to check the correctness of their addresses against the database, standardize addresses according to USPS guidelines, and update their mailing lists.

USPS Address Lookup by Name

The USPS does not provide a service or software for the public to check up on a U.S. address by an owner's or resident's name because it does not keep track of customers' names in its database — only postal addresses. These postal addresses refer to a house, a commercial facility, or another physical location, not to a single person.

However, in the United States Postal Service, individuals can look up addresses by business names.

Utility Lookup by Address

A utility lookup contains a database of companies that offer electric, natural gas, water waste, telecommunication, and other public utilities near them. In Florida, the state public service commission website can be used to look up the addresses of utility providers in the state. Individuals can search using the names and addresses of these companies or by using the Florida map navigator located on the website.

How to Search Florida Criminal Records by Address

To search for criminal records associated with an address, interested persons may contact the local sheriff's office or police department for the county where the address is located. They may be able to provide inquirers with some information. However, it is unlikely they'll be able to give them a complete criminal history of the address.

Alternatively, requesters can online court records. Florida courts maintain an online database of all public court records, which you can search by case number, party name, or keyword.

Requesters can also visit the court clerk in the county where the address is located and request copies of criminal records in person. The clerk's office may charge a fee for this service, especially if the requester requires copies of the requested information.

Can Someone Steal My Identity with My Address in Florida?

Yes, someone can steal an identity with an address in Florida. This is because addresses can be used to obtain personal information about the requestor, such as their Social Security number or date of birth.

To steal an identity with an address, the identity thief will need access to personal information about the victim. Criminals can do this by stealing mail, going through trash, or hacking into computers. Once the thief has this information, they can use it to apply for credit cards, open bank accounts, and even commit fraud. In addition, identity thieves may reroute the victim's mail to another address to intercept it and gain access to even more of their personal information.

How to Avoid Address Scams in Florida

There are a few popular scams that Florida residents should be aware of to avoid becoming victims.

One scam is the "phantom address" scam, where scammers will set up fake websites using someone else's address. They will then use this website to solicit personal or financial information from unsuspecting victims.

Another common scam is the "bogus listings" scam, where scammers will list nonexistent rental properties on popular classifieds websites to get people to send them money for a deposit or rental fee. Scammers may also pose as legitimate businesses to get people to provide them with their credit card information or other sensitive data.

To avoid becoming a victim of an address scam, it is essential to be aware of the most common scams and take steps to protect yourself. Residents are advised to never provide personal or financial information to someone they do not know and make sure to verify their identity and research their business before providing any information. They must also never send money to someone they have not met in person and be wary of any rental listings that seem too good to be true. Persons who have been victims of an address scam in Florida may contact the Florida Attorney General's Office.